A new packaging solution for effective moving

One thing is clear – there are many different factors that significantly influence moving and there are many things to consider. We can draw some parallels here with the transportation and storage industry as well. Because of that there are may problems that often occur when this job is being done. Which simply means that we need to look for new solutions that would give us the chance to work better.

And if we are talking about new solutions I would love to mention an example that truly changes the way we work. Even if it might not seem as that big of a deal.

I am talking about packaging here. The thing is that packaging truly is an important part of this process. And this is where many problems use to occur. That is exactly why I started to look for more information about new solutions for packaging that would ensure effective packaging and transportation.

Different wooden boxes – that is how I would call this new solution that is know as pallet collars. The thing is that this new type of packaging is sort of a better version of the classical wooden box. The difference is that the package is made from wooden collars that you stack on one another. It means that you have to chance to adjust the height of the package to exactly what you need. [Continue reading]